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Your WordPress website is your online shop window. The Internet is the first place we look these days whenever we need something, whether that’s the services of a local business or a product from the other side of the world.

At Website Energizers, we understand the need to make an outstanding first impression and our masters of WordPress website design are here to help you do just that. Getting you noticed on the Internet is kind of our thing.

How do our WordPress Website Design Services work?

We do all things WordPress

To create the perfect WordPress website design, it’s really important to agree on the functionality and actions you want your visitors to take when they land on your pages before we get our creative juices flowing. Ideally, you will provide all the written content, images and video required for your website and then we put it all together for you and make it look stunning. If you do need help with the production of any of the content for your site, we know lots of people who provide these services and we’d be happy to put you in touch.

Our WordPress Website Design Services

No Contracts

We don't hold you to any contracts so you are free to leave whenever you want to. Although we'd hate to see you go!

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Pay Monthly

We offer pay-monthly options to spread costs and help your marketing budget go further. 

Our Approach

The ideal first step in creating your WordPress website design is to identify the major keywords and phrases that your website should target and then create a sitemap that includes pages designed to target those keywords and phrases. We call this, research and planning.

Our SEO Bolt-on enables us to build you a sales/lead generation machine (if you want one) rather than a brochure style website. Comprehensive keyword research is the key here and is fundamental for your websites’ online success. This keyword research enables us to identify the pages you will need on your website, in addition to the specific URL’s you will need to be fully optimised to attract your desired audience.

The results of this work gives us a plan for a search engine friendly website that has quality design and gives you the best chance of attracting visitors to your site, keeping them there and converting them to customers.

Content & Development work in unison. Whilst we begin to develop your websites pages and layouts, you will be busy creating all the content for the pages. This includes words, images, graphics and any video that you might like to have.

If you need help with any of this, just let us know and we can put you in touch with people who will be happy to assist you.

The better the content management for your site, the better we will meet your requirements and deliver a quality WordPress website design you can be proud of.

You will be involved throughout the design and build process to review and tweak as necessary. This way you can help us to shape your website into something you will be proud of.

This is where we use various tools at our disposal to ensure your website is responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We make any final tweaks to your website where necessary to ensure your visitors, no matter what device they are on, get a great experience. We also run lots of technical tests to ensure Google will be impressed with what we have created for you.

When your WordPress website is live we implement Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you so you can monitor traffic and website performance.

Don’t forget about SEO if you want to be visible on the internet to your potential customers. We speak Google so you don’t have to, designing your website with SEO in mind. We build your website so that Google can look at it and will like what it sees, then it can rank you higher than your competitors in the search engine results pages.

Website for Tom..

Tom Yeatman, from TY Cycles, near Banbury says…

I initially made contact and was very impressed by how responsive Website Energizers were, they made a great first impression. The team did a really useful audit of our existing website and were able to identify ways to improve performance and ways of better finding our customers online. They were professional and creative in their approach to building our website.

They’re a local, independent business, which I prefer to support. They are good at what they do and are friendly and approachable. Website designer Mollie is very responsive and reliable – a great asset to the team.

Meet Our Awesome WordPress Website Developer

You can call me a WordPress Website Wizard (www.) but I mostly prefer Mollie to be honest.

So, what do you get when you work with us? At Website Energizers we specialise in WordPress website design and development, since it allows us to build fully responsive, highly bespoke websites. In fact, we love WordPress so much that this site is built on it! Thanks to the diverse range of options in WordPress, you really get to channel your inner creativity and steer the overall look.

Personally, I love working hard to make sure your website responds to any screen size and looks great. Once your website is live, you can edit your pages using the WordPress admin panel without having to call us. But never fear, we’re always here to help if you get stuck.

It’s also my job to work with the team and build a site for you that includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and set everything up in an SEO friendly manner. This increases the chances of your WordPress website showing high in the Google search results when someone is looking for your products and services.


Recent Creations

Edd Frost & Daughters

Full SEO Website

Edd Frost & Daughters had an existing website that wasn’t working well for them and they wanted to attract more traffic.

We did all the research and then designed and build them a high performing fully optimised website from the ground up with integrated SEO.

AG Promotional Products

Brochure Website

AG Products had an old website that wasn’t responsive to mobile devices and so was well overdue a complete refresh.

The new WordPress website design is responsive, eye-catching and shows a greater product range. We included online catalogue viewing and easy navigation.

Waymaker Consulting

One-Page Micro-site

Waymaker Consulting was just starting out in business and needed a professional online presence quick smart.

We built a stunning one-page WordPress website for them to get them going and have already started to expand this to a full SEO site with the same look and feel.

Premium Hosting

We have different levels of Website Hosting & Support service packages to work with your needs and budget. If you prefer us to host your WordPress website but you do the rest, that’s fine by us. If you want to get your website hosted on our servers and have peace of mind that it is backed up daily, has security measures and monitoring to protect you against hacking – leave it to us. If that doesn’t quite cut it then we can go the full 9 yards and also make sure your .co.uk and .com domain names are renewed each year and provide minor content and cosmetic tweaks to your site as and when you need them.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once your brand-new shiny WordPress website is out in the world, the confetti has been swept up and it’s business as usual, we can provide ongoing support to ensure your website moves and develops in rhythm with your business. We understand you may want to update and change elements of your WordPress website design over the months and years after you first launch which is why we are always on hand to help.

Website for Claire..

Claire from Prosser Carpentry & Building Ltd says…

Website Energizers worked with us to design, build and host our website. They were so patient with us and worked to our timescales. They wanted us to get real value for money. They are genuine people with a personal touch; they care about you and want the best for your business.

We had an issue with emails being down due to a problem with the server. We called Allan and he was great, was aware of the issue and was working on it, even though it was the evening. He knew the pressures on our business and sorted it for us straight away, no matter what time it was.

I would recommend them to anyone – their customer service is second to none, the work they produce is original and they are always happy to help.

Web Quiz!

Now to test your knowledge of all things Internet, have a guess at the answers to the questions below before revealing them.

How many people say the Internet is an essential part of their life?
So, an amazing two-thirds of adults (64%) say the Internet is an essential part of their life, according to Ofcom. Now can you see why we say your website is your shop window – this is where your footfall is. Having an online presence is a smart business move that will allow you to reach your potential customers when they are online – which, on their smart phones, is on average about 80 times a day.
What percentage of people access the Internet using a smartphone?
In 2019, 78% of people accessed the Internet using a smart phone compared to 28% of people who used a desktop. 10 years ago only 17% used smart phones whereas 69% went online using their desktop. Tablets weren’t even around a decade ago but now 58% of people use them to get online. How people access the Internet has changed, so we make our WordPress websites fully responsive to different screen sizes. Not only do we know where your customers look and when they are online, we know how they look too.
What percentage of our customers use our services month in, month out?

Ok, not really an Internet question but this is a number we are proud of. 95% of our customers use Website Energizers’ services month in month out, as opposed to using us for one-off projects. We work hard to build lasting relationships with our customers and to offer real value for money, where your budget works as hard as it can to grow your business. The numbers speak for themselves – people partner with us and stay.

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