Google Penalty Recovery

When it comes to websites and organic search results, Google sets its own rules. With over 200 factors considered by Google for SEO, it can be easy to upset them if you don’t know what you are doing. Here at Website Energizers, we speak Google Penalty Recovery so you don’t have to. If you have a low quality backlink profile and have received a Google Penalty for it but don’t know where to turn, then look no further and allow us to help as sorting a Google Penalty Recovery is our idea of a good day’s work.

The world of Google Penalty

Google hunts down low-quality spam websites and stops them from ranking highly, if at all, in the organic search results. One of the ways they do this is by using their Google Penguin algorithm to monitor a website’s backlink profile. Google issues penalties to websites with poor, low-quality backlink profiles. Google Penalties can either be algorithmic or manual, but don’t worry about all the nitty gritty stuff, that’s what we’re here for. It is our job to help you appeal these penalties by detoxing your backlink profile and getting your website back in the organic search rankings again, where it belongs.

Google Penalty Recovery – The Lowdown

If you haven’t heard of a Google Penalty, that’s a good thing! However, if you are unlucky enough to receive one then don’t stress, Google Penalty Recovery is our kind of thing. As mentioned above, if you have a very low-quality and spammy backlink profile, then you are at a higher risk of receiving a Google Penalty on your website. Sometimes these penalties can be triggered by the Google Penguin algorithm and sometimes it can be done manually by Google’s Web Spam team.

With this in mind, it’s really important to be aware of what websites have links back to yours on the Internet and to keep an eye on the overall quality of your backlink profile. Here at Website Energizers, we do all things Google Penalty Recovery, we provide services specifically pinpointed at preventing and appealing these penalties.

The biggest issue with receiving a Google Penalty is that it can cause a drop in your website’s traffic as your organic search rankings decrease.

In the worst cases, Google may decide to completely de-index your entire website and all your rankings will disappear as well as any organic search traffic you were receiving, potentially damaging your business.

It is probably the worst thing that can happen to your website, that is why we take penalty appeals seriously. Here at Website Energizers, we won’t just get you back on the Internet, but we will get you noticed on the Internet – for all the right reasons.

Google will issue two major penalty types: algorithmic (Google Penguin) and manual (the Web Spam Team). Algorithmic penalties are issued directly by Google Penguin and do not require Google employees to verify before issuing.

Algorithmic Google Penalties are issued in real time, and because algorithms work faster than humans these penalties are usually faster than manual penalties. This is where it gets tricky as sometimes the algorithm can make mistakes and award unfair penalties.

Manual penalties are generally more accurate as a person is issuing the penalty rather than an algorithm. These penalties are usually caused by reports from other Google users or issues flagged by Google employees.

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Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence when you receive a Google Penalty. From the moment you are issued with one via your Google Search Console, your website begins a race against the clock to resume its place in the search engine results pages (SERPs). As time progresses, your website will lose more and more traffic, so it is important to act quickly to resolve this issue. Yes, this is serious and needs immediate attention, but don’t lose sleep, it can be fixed and doesn’t require action as drastic as a complete online presence change or fleeing the country using false documents.

At Website Energizers, we pride ourselves on customer relationships, so we can assure you that your website is in the right hands. Not only will we resolve your penalty, but will also offer further advice to ensure that your website does not receive another one.

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They’re a local, independent business, which I prefer to support. They are good at what they do and are friendly and approachable. Website designer Mollie is very responsive and reliable – a great asset to the team.


Google Penalty Recovery F.A.Q’s

Most people have never heard of a Google Penalty but once they know they exist, we get lots of questions about them.

What is a Google Penalty?
Google Penalties are warnings issued by Google if your website is identified as having a very low-quality back link profile.

These penalties can be manual or algorithmic, but both can affect your website in the same way.

Google Penalties can prevent your website from ranking highly on search engine result pages. In more severe cases, Google Penalties can prevent your website from ranking at all so it is super important to get it appealed ASAP.

Why should you care about Google Penalties?
Google Penalties are not to be taken lightly as they can greatly affect your websites ability to attract visitors and organic traffic.

If your website receives a penalty you ought to try and appeal it as soon as you can, however it is ultimately something that you should avoid encountering in the first place.

Google Penalties can slow, or even stop traffic to your website. This will have a very negative impact on your website and your business as it will cause you to lose traffic and potential customers.

How do you avoid getting a Google Penalty?
To avoid receiving a Google Penalty you should ensure that you do not buy backlinks to your website and that you instead create your own high-quality links.

It is also important to manage your backlink profile by auditing it on a regular basis so you can remove potentially damaging links before it’s too late.

Our Backlink Profile Management service can help you with this.

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