Backlink Profile Management

One of the most important elements of any successful SEO campaign is backlink profile management. Unfortunately, you have no control over the backlinks that your website receives. When it comes to backlinks, life really is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.
Google uses many factors to rank your website including your backlink profile, this is why we pay it so much attention. But having the know-how to find your backlinks and work out which ones are good and bad can be a minefield for the untrained eye.

What Is a Backlink?

A backlink is formed when someone puts a link on one website that points to another website. If you look at an online directory for instance, there are lists of companies all sorted into categories and when you find the company you were looking for you might click on a button that says ‘Visit Website’. That’s a backlink! If you look at our page on this site where we showcase some of the websites we have built, you will notice we have included a link for you to click on to see the websites in action, these are backlinks from our site to theirs. See, simple really!

Why Is Backlink Profile Management Important?

As we said before, Google uses the quality of your backlink profile to help determine how well your website ranks in the organic search results. For this reason, they developed one of their algorithms to take on the role of judging your backlinks and they called it “Google Penguin”.

It’s not a good idea to get on the wrong side of Mr Penguin, he can get quite nasty despite his quite friendly appearance. If you want to stay friends, then he will expect you to monitor and manage your backlink profile to your website, highlighting issues to him as you go.


So now we know, you cannot control who links back to your website and the rules that Google Penguin plays by change on a regular basis. It’s for this reason that we offer backlink profile management as a distinct service for our customers. We understand the importance of your backlink profile if you want to get an SEO clean bill of health so we’ve made it our business to know the best way to manage your backlinks.

In the ever-changing life of Google Penguin, a link pointing to your site that was considered a good link a year ago may well be considered a bad link today. We keep up with the constant changes to the rules and will regularly review your backlink profile accordingly.


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How We Manage Your Backlinks

We like to call it a “Backlink Detox”. A backlink detox is focused on ensuring the links that point back to your site are all healthy ones. To carry out a detox we start by using specialised software that scrapes the Internet to find your websites’ backlinks.

Our software applies strict criteria when reviewing the backlinks to your website ensuring they are not going to damage your ability to rank well in the organic search results. Too many bad links pointing to your site will negatively affect your rankings. In the worst case scenario Google Penguin can punish you by de-indexing your site from their results altogether. This is bad.

Once the software has discovered your backlinks, we go through your profile with a fine tooth comb, investigating each individual link and giving it a thumbs up as healthy or a thumbs down as toxic. We will then work towards having the toxic links removed by contacting the Webmaster of the domain where possible to request the removal. For any that do not get removed because we simply can’t reach the Webmaster, or due to a lack of response, we create and submit what is known as a ‘Disavow File’ to Google which asks them to ignore those links.

We also create an ignore file for all those links that we discover no longer exist or we have managed to remove. We then submit this file along with the disavow file into our software and re-run the report to ascertain what improvements have been made to your health score.

When we have finished you will be presented with a beautiful bunch of, well files – a copy of your original backlink profile as well as a copy of the reviewed version, your disavow file and also your ignore file for your reference.

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Backlink Profile Management F.A.Q’s

The subject of backlinks can be a challenge to get your head around and we do get asked a lot of questions about them. Like….

What makes a good backlink?
It’s all about credibility, reputation, trust and validation from others. If Google sees a quality website with high domain authority linking back to your site, then it concludes that you have value and integrity in your market and are trusted.

A general rule of thumb is the harder you have to work to get a backlink, the more valuable it will be.

How do I get good quality backlinks to my site?

This is the toughest nut to crack and it takes time, effort and above all a plan. This one is a lot about relationships and building quality and worthwhile relationships can take time to develop.

What you should consider when going after good quality backlinks is activities like writing an engaging blog on an aspect of your industry, creating a dynamic infographic, writing testimonials for others websites, commenting and engaging with people on blogs and forums, and writing content to contribute on reputable go-to information sites.

Becoming an authority or known expert, developing your brand and enhancing your business’ reputation is a key part of any ambitious digital marketing strategy and will get you the backlinks you need to cement your website high in the rankings for your chosen keywords.

What is a toxic backlink?

Toxic backlinks are links from poor quality websites that can weaken your website’s SEO rankings and this in turn can affect the numbers of organic visitors to your site.

In the worst cases too many toxic backlinks can see your site being penalised by Google and de-indexed altogether.

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