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Running a Google Ads campaign literally gives you the ability to put your company in front of a potential customer right at the moment when they are thinking about buying a product or a service that you offer. Google’s ability to let you hand pick your potential customer and then time your ad to appear on their screen when they are in the mood to spend is why Google Ads is such a powerful digital marketing tool. It’s quite frankly sorcery, but don’t worry, we’ve joined the magical circle and are happy to tell you the secrets to getting you noticed on the Internet quickly using Google Ads.

The Magic of Google Ads

So we know that normally not knowing how a trick was done is a major part of an illusion and as much as we pride ourselves on mastering this dark art of getting you noticed on the Internet, we are happy to lift the curtain for a Website Energizers’ behind the scenes tour. Buckle up!

The Secrets of Google Ads

Google-Ads-logo Part of the secret to a successful Google Ads campaign is in the set up. We don’t just accept all the default settings that Google Ads recommends, we tweak them so they are bespoke to you and give us a better chance of achieving a return on your investment. This initial setup also helps towards achieving a great quality score from Google Ads, which is the golden ticket to getting the best possible ‘cost-per-click’ for your Ads.

Your ‘cost-per-click’ is what Google decides you should pay each time someone clicks on your ad and your quality score we mentioned before plays a big part. Your quality score is allocated by Google based on the quality and relevance of factors like your keywords and their ad groups, landing pages and click through rates. This score, combined with your maximum bid, will help determine your Ad ranking and also your cost-per-click.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the secrets of Google Ads than we are telling you here on this page, but we are happy to share more with you when we chat.

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A Google Ads campaign done well

It’s very easy to implement a Google Ads campaign yourself and spend lots of your hard earned money getting things wrong. We find that most people who set up their own Google Ads actually waste more money on clicks than it would cost for us to set it up and run it for them.

Here at Website Energizers we’ve done all the training and do this magic all day long. If you are considering running Google Ads to promote your business, please at least have a conversation with us first so we can guide you away from the pitfalls. A Google Ads campaign done well can really help your business grow.

Digital Marketing for Jess

Jess Green, David Green Decorating says…

Allan has completed a number of jobs for us at David Green Decorating. The team are extremely knowledgeable, great value and deliver to a high standard. I can highly recommend Website Energizers.

Google Ads F.A.Q’s

The magic of a Google Ads campaign might be appealing, but what do all those strange terms mean? Here’s a few with explanations.

What is the difference between a click and an impression on Google Ads?

Quite simply an impression is counted each time your Google Ad appears on someone’s screen. Whereas a click is counted every time someone actually clicks on it.

The great news is that in Google Ads, in most cases the impressions are free, which is good because we don’t want to pay when someone just sees the ad, we want them to click on it.

What is a click through rate on Google Ads?

A click-through rate or (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific ad to the total number of users who view the ad.

We care about this as it contributes to your quality score and we use it as a measure of success in any ad campaign we run.

The CTR of an Ad campaign tells us how many impressions of our ad were converted into someone clicking on it because they were interested enough to find out more.

Why should I have a negative search term list in my Google Ads campaign?
The fact that you are even asking that question gives you major gold stars in our book, it means you know what a negative search term is, fair play.

For those not in the know, a negative search term is a keyword that you definitely don’t want your ad to appear for.

This is great for making sure your ad doesn’t appear in irrelevant searches and cost you wasted money when someone clicks on it.

Here at Website Energizers we use them as part of our tactics for a great campaign.

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