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We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and we’re focused on getting your brand noticed on the Internet. We offer Website Design and Build, full-service Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Advertising campaign management. If you would like your online presence to work harder in helping you grow your business, we are the agency for you.

Website Design

Fully Responsive

If you need a responsive, highly bespoke, quality WordPress website designed, then look no further. We can design and build you a shiny new website, or can shape up and upgrade your existing one.


We Speak Google

Getting more traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimisation will help with growing your business online. Not sure where to start? No problem, we speak Google so you don’t have to!

Paid Advertising

On The Right Platform

Helping you spend your ad budget on the right platform and targeting the right audience is our idea of a good day’s work. We work out the detail and then deliver campaigns that produce a high return on your investment.

No Contracts

We don't hold you to any contracts so you are free to leave whenever you want to. Although we'd hate to see you go!

Call Us On

01295 367067

Pay Monthly

We offer pay-monthly options to spread costs and help your marketing budget go further. 

The 5 W’s Of Digital Marketing






This is the most important question we ask to help set the scene; it’s the opener, the starter for 10, so we can understand your motivations, goals and expectations of your online presence.

You may think you want to share a cuppa with us and chat about a new website. Maybe that’s what you need, maybe it’s not. The WHY helps us find out WHY you want to do a particular thing, WHY you haven’t done it yet and WHY you think it’s the right thing to do.

This can be a very straightforward and clear 5-minute chat or can be a real eye-opening exploration. Either way, by the end of this question both you and us will have a deeper understanding of WHY you are talking to us.

Now we know the why, we need to identify the WHAT. WHAT do you want to spend your time, energy and money on?

Discovering a clear objective will help determine whether a new website, an SEO campaign, some Paid Advertising or the right mix of all our services is going to get you results. At this stage we get you to think about WHAT you want your potential customer to do when they see you online.

Do you want them to buy your product, get in touch, fill in a form or something else? Depending on your objective, we devise the perfect strategy to deliver potential customers straight to your door.

We’ve nailed the what, so now understanding WHO your target customer is, is where we go next. We make it our business to know your business.

What phrases do people use when searching for your service or products? WHO is your key audience and what is their profile? The answers to these questions help us tailor a campaign to your ideal customer.

Whether they are active, sporty, women in their 30’s or HR managers in medium sized businesses in the IT sector based in the south west of England, our mission is to carry out detailed research on WHO we need to focus on, giving our campaigns a fighting chance of winning you business.

Next our research pinpoints WHERE your audience spend their time on the Internet. Understanding their online behaviour dictates the platform we focus our efforts on.

If you want to get noticed on the Internet quickly by putting your brand proactively in front of your audience, a Paid Advertising campaign on a search engine or social media platform may work best.

Whereas if you want to take a longer-term approach, building your organic rankings with SEO is a good option. You never know, you may need a mixture of several of our services because your audience hang out on a variety of platforms and interact in a variety of ways.

Last but not least, we may need to consider WHEN you want to be seen by your audience.

Our research may indicate that your potential customers go online more in the evening or during the working week. Your objective may be to promote a range of products for Valentine’s day, so a campaign in the lead up to Christmas would be a bit silly!
If relevant, we can tailor your campaign in this way, making your money work hard for you.

Website for Lydia..

Lydia Berry, from Waymaker Consulting says…

When we needed a completely new full SEO website for our business, Website Energizers were a perfect fit. They worked so diligently on our keyword research and helped us shape the website, so it showed off all our services.

They really listened to what we were looking for and were able to create a look and feel that we are very proud of – it was like they could see in our heads and were able to draw out what we wanted! The team were quick, responsive and thoughtful to any changes we asked for and the support has been top class.

We recommend Website Energizers to our clients and are proud of our relationship, as a business their values and professional approach make them a pleasure to work with.


Whether it’s building a brand new, quality, fully responsive website using WordPress, or revamping your existing online presence, our first-class team are waiting to help you.


You know SEO is vital for the health of your website, but you don’t know your bounce rate from your broken links. We’ve got you, have a chat with us and we’ll speak SEO in your language.

Paid Advertising

Need to get ahead of the competition quickly by reaching your customers where they hang out online? One of our tailored Paid Ads campaigns will be ideal to do just that.

Website Hosting for Emma..

Emma Venables, The Content Expert says…

If you’re looking for help with your website, I’d highly recommend the team at Website Energizers. It goes without saying that they’re professional and reliable – that’s a must.
But for me it’s their patience, guidance and handholding (yes, I needed a fair amount!) that really makes them stand out.
Thank you, Andrea, Allan and Mollie, for everything so far. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into phase 2.

Does your business need a digital marketing make over?

We help grow our customers’ businesses to their maximum potential.

How can I make my online presence work better for me?

You’ve got the website, the Facebook page and the LinkedIn profile but it’s not getting you the visibility or the customers you imagined. We can carry out a free health check on your website and chat over a cuppa about how best to get you noticed on the Internet. We will devise a strategy that works for your business from the right mix of our services such as SEO, Website Development, and Paid Advertising.

I'm investing in my website but getting no results. Can you help?

When you’re spending your hard-earned cash, it can feel gutting when you don’t feel you are getting anything like the fabulous results you were hoping for.

With so many people saying they have the right advice, the know-how, the lowdown, the skinny, the inside scoop… ok you know what we mean, it’s hard to know who to trust.

We take the headache and confusion out of marketing your business on the Internet.

We don’t just give the right advice, we act on that advice with an honest and transparent approach. All our work is done here in Banbury, nothing is outsourced. We report regularly on our progress and our customers have full access to see what we are doing online on their behalf.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our work and the relationships we have with our clients.

I'm starting a new business. Can you help with my digital marketing?

We especially love working with new and developing businesses, seeing you thrive gives us a gooey, warm feeling inside.

When you are starting out, we get that your budget is going to be tighter than a … well, something tight. We also know your online visibility to potential customers is paramount. But don’t worry, it is not as expensive as you might think to tailor a bespoke strategy to get your business going. With the right combination of website,  SEO and Paid Advertising your business will reach your customers where they are online in a format that appeals.

For example, 85% of users admit to making a judgement about a company’s credibility purely based on how their website looks. This is why we believe that making a website clean in design and smooth in operation is key to ensuring your business looks professional and reliable.


Let’s talk about your Digital Marketing

You need to get your business noticed on the Internet but not sure how? We find a good natter over a cuppa is the best way to find out how we can help you get results and grow your business. Use the form below to tell us who you are and we’ll book in a chat.