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Website Energizers are all about getting you noticed on the Internet and the best way to do that is to have a search engine optimised website. To make sure your website is running in tip top shape, ticking all the boxes and making the grade – you get the point, we give it an SEO audit. An SEO Audit is a health check of your website to find and fix errors, tuning your website into radio Google. We make sure your website is set up both on-page and behind the scenes to wow Google so it receives a clean bill of health.

An SEO Audit does what it says on the tin

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and if we want to play in the ‘get customers online’ game, then we have to follow their rules. Problem is, when ranking a website Google has over 200 different signals they look for to help determine what a page is about, how original the content is, how valuable the content is and if it answers the questions searchers are asking. Those rascals at Google keep the details of those signals a closely guarded secret, so experience and testing are how we identify what Google loves and what it doesn’t when ranking your website.

SEO Audits – The Detail

We carry out a thorough SEO audit of your website to see how it matches up to Google’s best-practice webmaster guidelines. Then we can help you make the necessary changes to improve the chances that Google will present users with your content when searching for your products and services. As a result, you get more traffic to your site, converting into more business and that makes us happy.

Of course, you don’t have to ask us to make all the changes for you, you can do them yourself if you know how. Our SEO audit is done at no cost at all to you, we provide them out of the kindness of our hearts to try and help you on your way to a high-performing website.

Our belief is that if we help people succeed online, then they’ll tell all their friends how brilliant we are and we like that!

A website SEO Audit involves us testing lots of on-page and technical criteria. Some examples of things we look at are, checking if your website has meta title tags, meta description tags and H1 headings that are unique, fully optimised and contain the correct keywords. We also verify if there are a reasonable amount of outbound links, the URLs of your site’s pages contain valid characters and are in an ideal structure, and there are no 404 or page access issues, broken images or broken anchors. We take a look to see that all images have ALT attributes that are fully optimised and contain the correct keywords. How are we doing so far? Capiche?

Delving further into the wilds of the SEO audit world, we run technical tests to ensure that everything behind the scenes is as it should be. Our Website Energizers eagle eyes (very technical term) are looking, amongst other things, to ensure that there are no multiple homepage issues, there is a Favicon on your site, and you haven’t got any 302 redirects, Meta Refreshes or server issues. We also check that an XML Sitemap can be found on your site. The list goes on and on. Sorry, there’s no english equivalent for these terms but you don’t need to worry, that’s why we speak Google, so you don’t have to!

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What can I expect from an SEO Audit?

If you want to get your website SEO ship-shape, then we will conduct an SEO audit for you and talk you through the results explaining the adjustments and changes we can make to fine-tune your website.

You can expect to hear findings like:

“There are pages on your site that are missing a H1 heading”. H1 headings are an important SEO signal to give Google an idea of the main focus of the content on a page. Failure to correctly implement H1 headings can have a negative effect on your chances of ranking well in the search engine results pages.

“There is an image that is missing an ALT tag and all your other images with ALT tags are not optimised with keywords as well as they could be”. We would advise that these need reviewing and amend where necessary.

“There is a broken image link that needs to be fixed”. Broken image links result in poor user experience. This is when you see that little blue box with a question mark in it where you should actually be looking at an image. It ruins the look and feel of your page and leads your visitors to think your site might be broken.

“Overall, your site speed is far too slow”. Site speed is a major thing for Google and there are some tweaks we can make to help improve your site speed but you should also consider your hosting platform. Having a fast server to host your website is crucial.

Marketing for Lisa-Marie..

Lisa, from No Fluff Communications says…

Allan and Andrea are truly passionate about getting businesses found on the internet. They’ll take the time to understand what you want so they can tell you what you need – no techy talk, just straight-up advice. Everybody deserves a website that works, so if you need to get found, more leads or sales, give them a call!
They’re a local, independent business, which I prefer to support. They are good at what they do and are friendly and approachable. Website designer Mollie is very responsive and reliable – a great asset to the team.


SEO Audit F.A.Q’s

All this SEO language can be confusing and you are bound to have hundreds of questions. Here’s just a few SEO related questions we often get asked.

Why does my website need an SEO audit?
Here at Website Energizers we believe that if you’ve spent the time, gone to the effort and spent the money on getting your business an online presence, then it should be working to get you the best possible return on your investment.

An SEO audit is a way of analysing your website’s strengths and weaknesses to see if it can be tweaked to perform at its best in the Google rankings.

Better rankings improve your chances of getting your website in front of potential customers and the more potential customers visit your website, the more chance they will stay and buy something, get in touch or fill out your contact form.

Why is a H1 heading important for SEO?

Google likes to categorise websites, pages, elements on a page – well everything really. H1 tags or headings tell Google what the page is about.

Getting this right helps Google to understand where to rank your website pages. You should have one H1 tag per page and two or three H2 tags which indicate key sections of your page. In fact headings go all the way to H6 but the best rule of thumb to remember is the lower the number the more important the information is on the page to Google in terms of ranking the page for relevance. This is why we check you have all your headings in order to optimise your chances of increasing your ranking.

What is a 302 redirect and why is it best to minimise them for SEO?
So this is the really technical end of SEO for websites. A 302 redirect is a temporary way to redirect a user or search engine from one url to another. If done correctly Google doesn’t mind too much, as long as it is temporary. The original page is what Google gives a value to and it ranks your website accordingly, but having this temporary redirect in place for too long is not the best way to structure your website. There are ways to permanently redirect from an old url or page to the new one and get the new page ranking on its own merit with Google.

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