Full SEO Campaign

Here at Website Energizers, the philosophy of a full SEO campaign is a very ‘leave no stone unturned’ kinda deal. There are lots of SEO factors to explore, both on-page and off-page, that will influence your website’s rankings. We must consider all the factors Google looks at when ranking your website organically, from landing pages and alt tags to back links and meta data. We conduct a full SEO audit of your current website so that when we are done you can be reassured we have a full picture of the health of your website.

SEO Campaign Success Factors

A full SEO campaign means getting your serious head on when it comes to getting noticed on the Internet. Going the whole hog allows us to look at everything that contributes to the success of your website and how well it is optimised for Google. If your website was a car, then a full SEO campaign is regular MOT and services all in one. Our SEO mechanics have their sleeves rolled up and are ready to get under the bonnet of your website, let’s see how they can help you get noticed on the Internet.

A Full SEO Campaign Approach

We’re all about the questions, so one of our first is “What do you want your website to rank for?”. Thinking about what you want your business to be high in the Google rankings for is key as this research underpins your SEO campaign. We work with you to refine a list of keywords and phrases you want to be associated with your brand and business, but that’s not the end of the story.

A crucial part of SEO and keywords is buyer intent. When we put your keywords into Google, it will be clear from the search results where Google thinks the searcher is in the buying cycle. The intent of the person when they are searching on Google is key for the success of your SEO campaign. If they are at the researching stage they probably won’t buy from your website the first time they visit. If your keywords capture your potential customers when they are ready to buy, they will be much more likely to take action when they visit your website. These buyer intent keywords unlock the potential to maximise your online presence and get visitors to convert into customers.

The key to a Website Energizers’ full SEO campaign is strategy, strategy, strategy. To develop the best strategy possible for your website, we use the 5 W’s of Digital Marketing. These are all the questions that start with Why, What, Who Where and When (If you want the detail on the 5 W’s, it’s on our homepage). After talking with you for as long as it takes to fully understand what success online looks like for you, then we can start to create a bespoke strategy tailored to driving the exact traffic you want to your website.

The strategy will also take into account the results of our research we carry out for you. This is keyword research and competitor research. If we get a really good handle on what you want and how others are getting it, then we have what we need to out-wit the competition and help you achieve those page one rankings you desire.

It’s as if we are world chess champions, the masters of strategy and always several moves ahead of your competitors.

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Implementing a Full SEO Campaign

We’re armed with the research, got the keywords coming out of our ears and developed a strategy for you, but what do we do with it all? Well, this is where our SEO mechanics at Website Energizers shine.

One of the big tasks we undertake at the beginning of your SEO Campaign is to review each page of your website and conduct a thorough content gap analysis on them. This allows us to audit how each of your pages meets the keywords we identified as being crucial for your online success. The content gap analysis will feed in to the overall SEO Campaign strategy and give us a clear picture of what you currently have on your website, against what we have researched you should have.

We will present our findings as a revised sitemap and structure for your website that focuses on hitting those keywords throughout the site.

Once we have the ok to go full steam ahead, we implement all the changes with you and then move on to the next stage of the SEO campaign. Amongst a long list of tasks is for us to monitor rankings and traffic whilst working on decreasing bounce rate and improving time spent on your site.

What we want is quality not quantity to get your website in the best possible place for conversions. We don’t want hundreds or thousands of visits to your website with no sales or leads, we want as high a percentage of visits as possible to result in a conversion. We would rather you have 100 visits to your site with 10 conversions than 1,000 visits with none – do you see what we mean? Quality not quantity. We are looking for regular incremental improvements over time, that is the marker of a successful full SEO campaign.

A Successful SEO Campaign

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Focusing on the keywords that you want to rank for and that show high levels of buyer intent makes for a good foundation
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Seeing where the gaps are in your web content gives us the clues on what to change to maximise your website’s SEO potential
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Creating a revised site map and structure to meet the needs of your potential customers is where the magic starts
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Measuring rankings, traffic, bounce rates and time on site, to name just a few, are ways to see what works and what tweaks need to be made
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Clients who partner with us get the best results and are constantly kept in the loop with what’s going on thanks to our first-class reporting methods

Full SEO Campaign F.A.Q’s

Some people think SEO is a bit of a dark art and there must be witchcraft involved so they have lots of questions. Here’s some popular ones.

Does SEO really work?

Yes it does, but it takes time and there is definitely an art to the science of getting you noticed on the Internet.

The very nature of the digital marketing and SEO landscape is that it is changing all the time and we are not in control of all the moving parts. Google will change their algorithms and weighting for certain factors and not tell anyone – yes, they can do that. So it’s our business to be in the know and see the changes when they occur and tweak our campaigns accordingly.

There are no guarantees but our best efforts reap rewards. We don’t hold you to a contract but work on the principle of transparent reporting and regular communication to deliver a bespoke package for your business.

How long does SEO take to work?
There are so many factors in SEO that it is difficult to provide a definitive answer as to how long SEO will take to work.

Every industry has a very different competitive market. For instance, if you are a car mechanic looking to advertise within a specific geographical radius, your SEO will work faster than that of an international insurance company. This is because competing on a global scale provides far more rivalry than competing on a localised scale.

Here at Website Energizers we know that how long it takes your SEO to work is dependent on the nature and targeted demographics of your website. With this in mind we don’t hold you to a minimum term contract, you simply pay for our service on a month by month basis putting pressure on us to get you results as quickly as possible.

What are the signs of a good SEO company?
Things you should look out for are honesty, it is the best policy after all? We are always upfront about what we think will work and what steps we need to take to get you there.

Another sign to look for is transparency, it goes hand in hand with honesty. We have nothing to hide and believe the best relationship with our customers is one built on sharing everything we do. We report regularly on the progress of the SEO campaigns we are working on so that you can be a part of the success. In fact, here at Website Energizers, we are so confident that our customers will be happy with our work that we don’t hold anyone to contract – now how about that for a sign of a good SEO company to work with?

Why is SEO important?
SEO is important because without it your chances of succeeding in the Google Organic Search game are very slim.

The best way to see SEO is to think of it as the language of the land of Google. It’s how it reads all the pages on the Internet and how it interprets content. If your website doesn’t speak SEO then the chances of getting very far in Googleland are slim.

Luckily, here at Website Energizers, we are all fluent in Google and SEO, so we will be your guide and translator. In the language of SEO, Google considers over 200 ranking factors for each and every page on the Internet to help it decide which information deserves that all important number one spot in their organic results. It is our job to conduct a search engine optimisation audit on the pages of your website so that changes can be made where necessary to tick the boxes of as many of those 200 factors as possible which in turn gives us the best possible chances of top rankings for your content.

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