Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is a great way to gain online customers fast. It enables you to generate non-organic traffic to your website through Paid Advertising. If you want your business to have a great online presence, Microsoft Advertising should be on your list of considerations. It uses a bunch of tools that tailor to your needs, enabling you to bid on specific keywords so that your business shows above the organic search results when people are looking for what you have to offer.
Here at Website Energizers, getting you noticed on the Internet is our kind of thing, so what better way than by using Microsoft Advertising to boost your business’ online profile.

Targeted Paid Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is a great tool that allows you to advertise your business across multiple platforms. These platforms include sites that are run by Bing, AOL and Yahoo as well as Microsoft’s AI Cortana. The tool allows users to advertise their business on a pay-per-click basis and bids on Microsoft Advertising generally cost less than other platforms, so it’s a great way to make your marketing budget go further. Paid Ads give you an opportunity to showcase what your business is all about, but you have to make your ads short, snappy, eye catching and interesting. Not easy for many people but we’ve had lots of practise and are poised, ready to help you. 

Microsoft Advertising – The Opportunity

Microsoft Advertising is completely free to set up and you only need to fork out when a user clicks directly on your Ad. This method of promoting your business doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny and just like on other paid advertising platforms, you can specifically target your Ads to your ideal audience.

Microsoft has a more mature demographic than other platforms, with the typical user being over the age of 35. Around 80% of users spend 21.5% more money online than the average Google user. An older demographic also means that you are far less likely to have someone accidentally click on your Ad.

This is ideal – you don’t have to pay for miss-clicks and for the most part, people that click on your Ad are genuinely interested in your products. Sound good to you? When you combine that with the cost-per-click being up to 33.5% lower than Google Ads, it would be rude not to invest in Microsoft Advertising.

At Website Energizers we know how difficult it can be to improve your online presence and so we encourage the use of Microsoft Advertising to create bespoke Ads that cater specifically to your potential client’s needs.

Paying for a top spot in search engine results pages for key words and phrases is a sure-fire way to get you noticed on the Internet.

Using Microsoft Advertising and the Microsoft Search Network, you have the potential to interact with 167 million consumers, with each of these users spending an average of 26% more time online than your average web surfer.

Taking advantage of these effective features means that you’re way more likely to connect with potential clients.

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A Microsoft Advertising campaign done well

We’ve given you an introduction to the possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Advertising here but don’t be fooled, whilst it’s very easy to set up your own campaigns, it’s also easy to get things wrong and waste lots of money.

Here at Website Energizers our team are well trained and manage ad campaigns for our clients all the time. If you would like to explore what a Microsoft Advertising campaign could do for your business, please have a conversation with us and we’ll help you along the way.

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Microsoft Advertising F.A.Q’s

We find many of the people we talk to didn’t even know that Microsoft Advertising was an option, so naturally they have lots of questions. Here’s a few of them.

What is the Microsoft Search Network?
A Search Network is simply an array of relevant websites where your ad can be displayed.

Microsoft Search Network includes websites owned by Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

Microsoft Search Network content is seen by around 592 million unique PC users, with around 12.2 billion monthly PC searches. With numbers like that, you can see why we think getting you noticed on the Internet using Microsoft Advertising is worth a look.

Can I tailor my Ad audience to a specific demographic?
Yes, Microsoft Advertising allows you to target specific demographics depending on your target audience.

Microsoft Advertising allows you to choose people of specific ages, geographical locations, genders and even tailor it to specific devices like laptops or mobile phones.

This is one of many great features that Microsoft Advertising offers. Here at Website Energizers, we use our 5 W’s of digital marketing to help you work out who your target audience is and where they hang out online to get the most out of your Paid Ads.

Why should I use Microsoft Advertising?
Microsoft Advertising is a fantastic little tool for advertising your business across the Microsoft Search Network. Microsoft Advertising is less competitive than some platforms for Ads which means that you are way more likely to have engagement with your Paid Ad than you might on the extremely competitive Google Ads Market.

Microsoft Advertising also has a much cheaper Cost-Per-Click (CPC) scheme than Google. In fact, it is 33.5% cheaper than the Google Ads Market so you’d be silly not to. This means not only are Microsoft Paid Ads much cheaper, but you also get more bang for your buck.

Where do Microsoft Ads show?

When you use Microsoft Advertising your Ads will show in three main places: Yahoo, AOL and of course, Bing.

Your Microsoft Ads will also appear on Yahoo, AOL and Bing syndicate search partners (these search sites use Yahoo, AOL and Bing search results).

Microsoft Advertising allows you to pick and choose who you would like to display your Microsoft Ads to, whether that is a specific age group, gender or just within a certain radius.

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