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Here is your opportunity to get in front of your audience in a non-organic way by using Paid Advertising to increase traffic to your website. The research we do at Website Energizers is the foundation of all our campaigns and makes sure we use the right platform to target your audience. We’re confident we make the best use of your money. In fact, we won’t break the bank, just the Internet.

Advertising on the right platform for your business

Being where your customers are is the key

When we think of using Paid Advertising to get you noticed on the Internet we mean on Google and Bing.
With so many options it can be hard to know where to start. We take the headache out of paid advertising online by focusing in on the platform and content that are right for you.

Paid Advertising choices

No Contracts

We don't hold you to any contracts so you are free to leave whenever you want to. Although we'd hate to see you go!

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Pay Monthly

We offer pay-monthly options to spread costs and help your marketing budget go further. 

More about Paid Advertising

Our approach to a successful Paid Advertising campaign is to help you identify your overall objective, understand your target audience and focus on the platform that’s right for you.

The initial planning we put in place is absolutely key to developing a robust and quite frankly, strapping campaign that you can be proud of.

Once your campaign is up and running, we don’t take a set-and-forget approach, we like to keep a really close eye on the performance of your ads, tweaking various elements as necessary to keep costs low and conversions as high as possible.

For us, honesty really is the best policy, so weekly campaign performance reports and regular catch ups to discuss future plans are the norm, it’s just how we roll.

Paid Ads are often referred to as ‘Pay Per Click’ which, guess what, is exactly what happens. Every time someone clicks on an Ad, the company that published the Ad pays the platform it appeared on for that click.

This super easy way of connecting you to your potential customers is great, but it can mean that you will pay even if someone clicks on your advert and then immediately goes elsewhere. With this in mind it’s super important to ensure the experience they get when they land on your site is nothing short of amazing.

We reckon the best chances of achieving success is for you to work with our expert team. We will help you target the best audience and create the right settings in your ads account to ensure you only pay for traffic that you’re interested in.

Paid Ad campaigns for Stuart…

Stuart McHale, RBR Engineering Solutions Ltd says…

We have found Website Energizers easy to engage with and very competent in managing the paid ads strategy we agreed. We get a good return from this investment giving us a steady stream of enquiries and orders.

Our Marvellous Paid Ads Expert

I’m known as the ‘masked Pay Per Click’ or ‘Paper Clip’ for short – it appeals to my sense of humour!

By day, saving the world, one well-placed Ad at a time, by night an avid Formula 1 fanatic. Annoyingly though, this picture with my name underneath has literally ruined my secret identity, ah well.

So, what is the secret to my success with paid advertising? The 5 W’s of digital marketing of course! I take a strategic approach and sort through all your ideas and plan a framework for your campaign. The results of our discussions will enable me to create a Paid Ads campaign that really targets the keywords or people you want to reach. Knowing who your ideal customer is and where they hang out online helps me decide the kind of adverts to use and which platform to advertise on.

I love doing the best possible job, to be a safe pair of hands with your paid advertising budget and to get you results. I don’t set-and-forget, I wisely make the most of your money through my expertise in creating and managing your campaigns to increase your traffic and conversions.

Our Approach To Paid Ads

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See It

See It

We work within your own accounts so you can log in and see what we’re up to at any time
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Choose It

Choose It

We identify the people you want to target, then create your campaign on the platforms where they spend their time online
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Tweak It

Tweak It

We pop in and take a look at your campaigns almost daily to make any necessary tweaks for best performance
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Grow It

Grow It

Our aim is simple, to make you more money than you spend, so you see a real return on your investment
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Report It

Report It

We agree the information you are interested in receiving, then create bespoke weekly reports for you

Your Paid Ads questions answered

Here’s some popular questions we get asked about Paid Advertising. If your question isn’t here, get in touch and ask away, we love to de-mystify the world of advertising your business online.

What percentage of clicks to Google Ads get vs. Organic traffic?
Google Ads results receive approx. 65% of clicks, and the other 35% or so come from organic results. Interesting, eh?

So this tells us that if you have a promotion or product to sell then a Google Ad may be the best way to advertise. Especially when 75% say Paid Ads make it easier to find what they are looking for online and 33% click on a Paid Ad because it directly answers their search query.

It also tells us that running an Ad campaign alongside working on your organic ranking through Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to appear in more than one place on the page when people are using a search engine.

Should I just advertise on desktop, or should I consider mobile too?
More than 85% of Facebook’s Ad revenue comes from mobile devices. Quite an astounding number when you think about it. What we love about this fact is that it shows it’s not just about the platform but which device your potential customer is using. Facebook have many paid advertising options that work well on both desktop and mobile.
It’s not just Facebook that do well on mobiles though, 69% of searchers that are on mobiles call a business straight from a Google search. Our Paid Ads campaigns take all this into account when we develop our strategy for getting you noticed on the Internet.

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