Keyword Research

Keyword research is fundamental. It’s the backbone of any good SEO campaign. Without keyword research, your website may not be relevant to your target audience and will not be considered relevant by Google. Well-executed keyword research is the springboard for your digital marketing strategy. Here at Website Energizers we know the extraordinary value of being prepared, as the saying goes: proper preparation prevents poor performance. This is how we see keyword research and we wouldn’t run a digital marketing campaign without it.

Speaking Your Customer’s Language

Our first ‘W’ of digital marketing is WHY? We ask it first because the why underpins the entire plan, informs all the activity and gives purpose to your campaign. Having an understanding of your why allows us to conduct some very in-depth keyword research to determine exactly what people search for in Google when they are interested in your products and services. This process means we get into the mind of your target audience. Keyword research captures this information so we can match your content to reflect your customers language and their way of speaking.

Finding The Right Words

Google is the search engine of choice for most consumers and the search terms those consumers put into Google is the foundation of how Google works. Google would be nothing without the people inputting millions of search terms every day. We identify which words and phrases are being used by your target customer so we can build a website or develop a full SEO campaign that specifically speaks to them.

In order to find out what language your potential customers speak, we break down our keyword research into “buying” key-phrases and “research” key-phrases. There is no limit to the number of phrases we will consider and eventually settle on. Once the lists are agreed, we can run an initial check to identify how you perform for these terms in the Google organic search results.

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Speaking Google

As we build up a comprehensive list of keywords for each part of your business, services and products the next step is to know how to use these strategically to formulate the best digital marketing campaign for your website.

There are many technical parts of a website build where we know Google loves to see a keyword: page titles, meta descriptions, images, URLs, link anchor text to name just a few. But as we speak Google, you don’t have to worry about these, just know we’ve got you covered and these will all be in place.

The other crucial place keywords need to be seen are in the content and text of your website. This is where you have to remember that although we want to write our content in a way that Google can interpret as relevant and helpful, we must put actual humans first in the equation. Our customers, audience and clients are real people who need to be hooked with interesting content that isn’t just a series of keywords to keep Google happy.

Weaving the keywords into natural sounding prose is where the real value of keyword research is demonstrated. Your potential customers should feel like you are really speaking to them in a thoughtful and engaging way at the same time as Google feels reassured that your content is spot on for that service, product or business type.

Improved Website for Alex…

Alex Vrettos says…

I am now visible!
I was muddling through with my own website, never quite understanding how to become visible amidst the competition. 10 visits was an extremely good week!
Allan took over and built a new site that he now manages. If there is anything, I don’t understand he deals with it or teaches me. Allan helped me decide what search terms to focus on and how to focus on them. I am now on page one at least once for each of those terms and nothing is more satisfying than the enquiries that I get through my website that was so quiet for so long

Keyword Research F.A.Q’s

During conversations with our clients we get some great questions about keyword research. Here’s just a few of them.

Why is keyword research important?

Building your website in a way that ticks as many of the 200 or more factors that Google looks for is crucial if you want to be seen by your potential customers.

Keywords are a vital part of that build, but they also inform how you talk to the people engaging with your content. Your content must be relatable for them and include the keywords they searched for otherwise they won’t stay on your website for very long.

What makes a good keyword?
It sounds obvious but it should be something that describes your brand, your services or a product you offer.

The best rule of thumb is that keywords should be words and phrases that a lot of people use when searching online. They should be highly relevant, have a strong buyer intent and reasonable competition.

It could be words and phrases that our research shows your competitors use in their digital marketing so we know you should be doing the same. This means we know the keyword or key phrase is already popular with your target audience; helps them to find your product or service; makes people more likely to click through to your website and increases the chances of ranking your website organically.

How do I write keyword rich content for my website?
It can feel pressurising to think about the many functions of your content – be engaging, grab people’s attention, use plain language, explain clearly, feel natural. The key is to remember that you are the expert in your industry and you know your customers the best.

Write like you talk to them, you’ll probably find you use keywords naturally as they flow easily into how you describe a service or product you provide. You can always go back over your freshly written content and add keywords in, making tweaks here and there to really optimise your content.

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