LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the social media platform for your professional world, it is the space online to develop your business profile and grow your network. If you are a business who sells and works with other businesses, then LinkedIn Ads is also a great place for lead generation. We like to say “It’s a bandwagon you need to jump on!” LinkedIn is considered an extremely credible source of industry and market expertise and is a popular place for knowledge sharing. With over 675 million members worldwide, it is judged as the number one channel to distribute B2B content. Some bandwagon eh? Luckily, we’ve already jumped on it and have saved you a seat, let’s have a conversation and see how we can get you noticed on the Internet through LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads for B2B

Knowing your customer is, quite frankly, marketing 101 and a fundamental step for getting any business off the ground and profitable. When it comes to digital marketing, getting your brand and proposition in front of your ideal customer is your number one priority. If your business provides services or sells products to other businesses, then promoting your offering on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Ads is surely an option. When you consider that 2 new users join LinkedIn every second and the UK has more than 28 million users, you can see why here at Website Energizers, we actively encourage our customers to target their prospects using LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn requires its users to input lots of information about themselves when they create a profile and in LinkedIn’s case, also about companies. Due to the professional angle of LinkedIn, you can search for people based on not only their job title but many other options too.

You can search for a particular company to target as well as find people who follow a certain company. You can focus on people in certain regions while filtering their education, skills or seniority. You can rummage around by industry, sector or size of company all in an effort to find the people you want to target.

LinkedIn is a bullseye for generating good quality leads for businesses and one we thoroughly recommend for any organisation wanting to generate quicker leads through Paid Advertising.

More than 50% of all social media traffic going to B2B websites is from LinkedIn. With stats like that you can see the numbers show LinkedIn users find the content trustworthy and sound. The key to success with LinkedIn Ads is the same guiding principle across all Paid Advertising – you need to identify your audiences and focus your messages to that audience.

The intent of your customer is still critical to a successful campaign and on LinkedIn, you need to understand why people are on the platform. As a LinkedIn user and advertiser, you need to demonstrate your expertise and credibility – your content, as ever with digital marketing, is paramount.

Being informative and grabbing people who didn’t know they had a problem until you showed them how to fix it, or showing your solution to the person desperate for help but doesn’t know what they needed is where we can perfectly place a LinkedIn Ad.

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Great Expectations

We’ve thrown a lot of stats at you and hopefully have dazzled you with the benefits of using LinkedIn Ads as a digital marketing tool to get your adverts in front of the right people. But how can we be confident of what we promise we hear you ask? (Even if you didn’t ask we’re going to tell you. Our website, our rules).

We are experienced, we’ve got the knack, we have a flair, we’ve got the goods, we’re well-versed and all other ways of saying we’re talented at doing this. Knowing how to put together a successful Paid Campaign on LinkedIn (or any other platform) is a science, but there is an art to the science that we have mastered to create the best opportunities possible for you to get sales and leads.

Strong pitch you say. We build our promises on the premise that we are always open and honest with our customers and work hard to clearly understand expectations around return on investment in a Paid Ads campaign.

Our customers are not held by contract and we are driven by a desire to build long-lasting relationships – to us our work speaks for itself and our customers keep agreeing. If we create and launch a LinkedIn Ad campaign for you we want to do it properly. The more informed we are about your expectations and budget, the more chance we have to get you a great return on your investment.

LinkedIn Ads for Aileen…

Aileen, from FAT Panda First Aid Training says…

We had such a great experience working with Website Energizers, their knowledge is amazing. The individual attention was superb and they gave us so much for their time. The ideas and suggestions they proposed were first class. Throughout we felt the team were professional, informative, patient and so friendly. We would definitely recommend working with them.

I would recommend them to anyone – their customer service is second to none, the work they produce is original and they are happy to help.

LinkedIn Ads F.A.Q’s

Getting LinkedIn Ads right is a complex task and it often throws up lots of questions, like…

How do I know what content will get leads on LinkedIn?

When creating content for any social media platform you need to keep your target audience front and centre in your mind. LinkedIn is no different, with over 675 million members worldwide and more than 28 million in the UK, you need to focus on the people who need or want your service or product.

LinkedIn is the place for B2B leads and is considered the most credible source of content, so think about content that will engage your audience by interacting with them.

Videos of you explaining an aspect of what you do or your unique approach; infographics that demonstrate your expertise; a how-to guide on an industry key topic or a poll asking for people’s perspective on a current issue are all great ways to engage your audience.

All of these types of content can be turned into Paid advertising to boost your number of leads and conversions. Here at Website Energizers we specialise in setting up the campaign to maximise your opportunities for quality leads. Book yourself in for a chat to find out how we can help you with your LinkedIn Ad campaign.

Is LinkedIn Advertising value for money?

Considering 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn compared to 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook and the fact that LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs, we feel it’s the best platform to use to find the B2B leads you are looking for.

Ultimately, which is more important to your business, quality leads or quantity? Most people would agree that fewer, higher quality leads are what you are looking for.

Our Paid Ads Team here at Website Energizers are focused on maximising the value of your LinkedIn Ad campaign. Setting it up, monitoring it and tweaking to get the most opportunities for you is what gets us out of bed in the morning. With us you are in safe hands.

Which LinkedIn Ads format should I use?

Knowing your sponsored content, direct sponsored content and sponsored InMail from your Text Ads, Dynamic Ads and Lead Gen forms can be tricky to say the least.

LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising options and choosing the right one for your campaign is our kinda thing, so having a chat will be well worth your while.

Enter stage left – our Paid Ads Team, ready to get your bespoke campaign created with the right type of Ad. We are always here for a chat, so let’s start a conversation about getting your business noticed on the Internet.

How do I create good content for my LinkedIn Ads?
Creating engaging content that will speak to your target audience is crucial to getting the most out of your LinkedIn Ads campaign. Good content creation really is a mixture of art and science so we believe our 5 W’s of Digital Marketing (Why? What? Who? Where? and When?) are vital to getting you on the right track and gives you the best chance of creating Ads that produce the leads you are looking for from your LinkedIn Ads campaign.

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